Shopping made easy for your customers, managing the store made easy for you. That’s the power of managed e-commerce

Simple on-boarding

All you have to do is fill up a simple briefing document about your business and what you want to achieve. We then recommend what package to take, what server you need to be on, what hosting service is the best and what payment gateway is ideally suited for you. We’ve worked with hundreds of partners so we know what is right for you. We also integrate these partners on board seamlessly with the minimum of effort from your end. Linkages are smooth and bug-free because we provide it all under one roof. Leaving you to concentrate on what is important to you. Your business.

Don’t Look anywhere Else

We don’t just provide you with an e-commere platform we also help you set up your social media linkages, build powerful SEO capabilities and assist you in digital marketing inclusive of SEM and SMM. So you won’t just get an e-commerce platform from us, you will get the complete package to go digital. Taking you seamlessly from your brick-and-mortar locations to the digiuniverse of your customer. Reaching them where they hang out, where they interact with brands and where they buy.

Easy to use

Our interfaces make administering the store as simple as you need it to be. Information is available at your fingertips and the setup is customised according the package you buy into. Easy to understand and easy to use.

Built around you

Start with what you need. Scale to whichever height your customers take you to. Easily expandable to bigger capacities and advanced features.

Assistance when you need it

We’ve already serviced hundreds of clients across the world. Read the happy testimonials from our clients who have benefited from our prompt assistance whenever required. Resulting in low down times and quicker resolutions.Help is just a call away.

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